You Too Can Be Romantic

Romans, Romens, Làngmàn, Qissatan hubb, Romantik, Novela, Fifehan, Romanticismo, Romanssi 😉 however you choose to call it – Romance – is the feeling of excitement or pleasure one has from a particular experience.

Most people are excited about extravagant things in life and chase after them while a few others tend to observe and are pleased with little acts of love, which actually is not a matter of race, but a choice made from the inner place.

We certainly live in a world where everybody is in hurry, why we often fail to notice whom we offend or push away and the ones we lose along the way.

How then do we right our wrongs, how do we recover, and how possible can it be to take a pause in the rush to be of help to someone else?

The only reason we will fail to hold out is Selfishness, Vainness, Self-centeredness!

Anyone can buy another a phone, a car, a house, holidays in Hawaii, a trip to Dubai – anyone can heal another with silver and gold but only a few others reach in to touch the soul.


Now take out this moment, put all the luxury in the shade

Bring your mind closer, your eyes down and your heart lower

Shake off that ego; take a deep breath to relax those shoulders

Think of the beautiful things that are necessary and most times do not cost money

Think of the little acts of kindness that could light up someone’s moment

Like a penny for the beggar, a pie for the hungry, a helping hand to the elderly


A smile to the depressed, a song for the unhappy, even a simple note to the gloomy.

It is the little affair of the heart, which make extraordinary things happen

Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Need I say more? ☺

Whenever your mama gets down on her knees to say a prayer for your needs – tell me if that’s not romantic.

Take some time out to leave a beautiful impact on someone’s emotions every day – there is a lot you can do – go ahead, be romantic!




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