Why have you hidden your light?


A lover, Oliver, asked me, “What happened to you? Why have you hidden your light?”😐
This was after he had listened to the story of how bright I used to be, all round.

You see, back then I was clever – I wanted to change the world. I wanted everybody’s needs to be met😇. I wanted every other thing to be alright. Everybody deserved to be happy except mE😞.

SenyoKofi said, “Sometimes in chasing our dreams, we underestimate the impact of ‘little things’ that affect our ‘psychology’ “.
Truth is, Charity begins at home, but I locked up my home and gave the keys to Charity so all the dreams and goals I set for myself began to stumble and FAll off the dark path into a deep Coma.
I thought I had failed … I KNEW I had failed When I couldn’t get why Charity never cared about me, 🤔then I realized that Kofi and Oboshie, Frank and Naomi do not have this opportunity of life  as long as I DO🙇.
I am not where I had hoped to be many years ago today😞. I have felt terrible 😫, held on to excuses, had terrible eating habits, I lost weight, love and relationships💔 – I have been a horrible friend😖. I have hurt people😞- People who truly cared – MY Family! I have disappointed the world – living in the shadows of other people – I have failed my very own self!😔

But today I am WIser, I want to change myself. I have learnt from my failures – Now I call them experiences 💂. This time I won’t give up. No. This time I will work harder. Today, I aim to become a master of my weaknesses💪. I will not be afraid to get up if I fall. This time I will be true to me. This time I will succeed!

So yeah, if you are wondering whether my light💡 is still hidden, your answer is NO!!! I went back for the keys🔑, oiled my lamp and put it back on its stand – even brighter💫.
And hopefully, this liGHT will prevent someone from stumbling and falling😇😊

Birthday Special by Ama


* I know this piece might be very enigmatic for most of you (Actually, it’s supposed to be). But I also know there are a few of you who will relate quite easily 🙂 *


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  1. Amamazing
    Go gyal Go gyal
    Its lovely and took ma part from it.
    God bless you and more grace to bring more

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