Why do the things you do – Choice


“Today I have given you the choice between life and death…… Now I call heaven and earth to witness the choice you make ….”

Why do you live the life you live? Why do you believe those things you believe? Why do you even do the things you do? Is it because you are under some kind of pressure? Are you trying to prevent a war, or do you just have to?

Although it’s all a matter of CHOICES, there is more to it than using just your voices to say that you believe in God, when the last time you had time to have a ONE-SIDED CONVERSATION with Him was days ago when you needed a little favor. Lord over your life, huh? So, why then do you believe in God?

Why do you take the trash out every morning? Is it because you don’t want to get mum angry? Or you are personally convinced that it’s the right thing to do? Because the last time you were left home alone for a week, the trash was indoors for a week too.

Why do you go to work every day? Why don’t you want to have sex before getting married and why are you even married? Why are you trying so hard to change the color of your skin? Why do you pray and why are you never expectant for answers to your prayers? Why have you suddenly stopped smoking? Why is this wrong or bad and that right or good?

Thing is if you know the Profit or Importance of your beliefs and Consequences of your choices, you will never despise them with trials and temptations.

Take some time to ponder over those things you believe in and the choices you make. Ask yourself questions … and make sure to answer them. Find reasons why you do the things you do so that you don’t sell your BIRTHRIGHT for BREAD and A POTTAGE OF LENTILS even if you are DYING OF STARVATION. ☺🙏


                                 “…..Oh, that you would choose LIFE….”  –Deut. 30:19


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13 thoughts on “Why do the things you do – Choice

  1. ” Why do you pray and why are you never expectant for answers to your prayers? “😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. We can only be ourselves with a price if we surely know we are on the right path. We are the light of the world.
    Bless you teamamazing

  3. hmmmmmm
    A lot more why you do what you do questions ….

    So I would ask , why do you say no problem to him when in actual sense is a problem…. because you think he will go and never get to you again?

    well let’s all believe in our self and ultimately believe in our maker. #Godalmightyreigns

  4. Great piece.. Am enlightened. Things we dont pay attention to yet have effects on our every day #LIFE
    Bless U #TeaMAmAzinG

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