time clock


time clock

tick – tock tick – tock tick – tock  Time!

Most of us mean to be better people

With perfect plans laid simple

Rise early, Pray daily, Be steady, Be churchy

We’ll live holy but Any other time


Right now all we want to do is to have some fun

Gamble, lie, live life the fast

In fact we’re well aware it’s all vanity will pass but – A Little more time


Aren’t we tired already?

Aren’t we tired of waiting for a one day to start all over?

Tired of hoping to turn a new leaf one day

While we sit doing nothing only saying, nothing about trying

Can’t we let these perfect plans we keep deep down our hearts out?

Take that heavy step and we are better people but it’s a Matter of time


Time – it seems to move one way in Ghana, then another way in China

Seems to be for me alone but then it’s meant for you, and you and you too

We all have same hours in a single day to play, pray or nay

But to play is not a good option when we need to get paid so my little ones play

And who has time to pray when too much is going on?

Everyone is B – U – S – Y, Busy!

Yet there is someone, somewhere, who doesn’t even care about time


Time – it will tell you how long you will live to love or hate and the thin line in between

It will hit you so hard you will hurt and then fill up your mind with regrets

Yet it vows it will certainly heal your injured soul with time

We all are living up to have time, make time and then waste time

Find time, save time, we’ll try to kill time

It’s an enemy and it’s a friend but ooh we just can’t get enough of time


Time will show you how far you should go

You will sow, you will reap, how much you should eat and then give out

Time will test your faith – it will watch you deny Him three times

You will laugh, you will be sad

How long you should speak and then stay silent


It’s only a matter of time and the hug will be over

Then you are put to forever sleep

Wait for them to weep

They will sing a song of peace – How well are you using your time?

It’s only a matter of time and the Master is coming to take away His only, dividing

How prepared are you for that time?




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16 thoughts on “Time

  1. Seems to me you’re using your time wisely by encouraging all of us who pay no value to time. I am grateful for your life as I am with mine. Keep at it and in time you will shine for the whole world to see your beautiful light. #oneness #Bless #raster

  2. Indeed time…. A dash between two dates, how you fill it, is the most important thing in life.

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