Everybody’s in a hurry these days. No one wants to be friends anymore – they just want to be lovers, have sex and maybe make babies in the end.   Boy loved girl … Or so he thought… She saw promise in him. She trusted him and allowed him to get so close to her. […]

Never late to do Right

NEVER LATE TO DO RIGHT💙 R.I.P brother; You’ll forever be in our hearts; God knows best; Your voice still resounds in my ears; R.I.P sister; We’ll always remember you ……blah blah blah Some will cry, others will let everyone know they’d ever known them – they put up photos with them from years back on […]

Just a Simple Question – part 2

So much like? Really? How about what you feel for your wife? And mum, what she has for me? Jeffrey said he could die for his mum. What has kept grandma and grandpa together for 41 years? I mean what do you call what I feel for my son? How about pastor and the congregation […]

These Young Hearts of Ours

These young hearts of ours don’t care anymore about what the Good Book says about how to live our lives. We’ll do anything on OUR OWN to get what we want, how we want it, and when things get UGLY we say “I’m just not lucky”. Our young hearts will fall in love no matter […]

My Father’s Pain

We never see it coming And we don’t even know it’s there We really don’t care Only because it’s not our problem yet Until it affects someone we love best The brain cells suddenly die There is no clear speech One side of the body can be paralyzed Older men are often victims To the […]