Have you ever faced days when you just don’t feel motivated to do anything at home at school especially at work – days when you are totally ‘switched off’? There are times when you struggle to do the things you used to do with ease, times when procrastination gets the best of you, when you can’t seem to focus on a particular thing in order to get it done.

It is very frustrating, if not heart breaking, to know there are important things to be done, goals to be met but you just can’t find that determination and enthusiasm you started with, in order to produce results.

You may allow these ‘off-days’ last quite a long time and that will be like saying welcome to emotional exhaustion, sleepless nights, stress, anxiety, guilt, lack of concentration, sickness, mood swings and the like.

You really don’t have to remain grounded in this kind of situation. You can find the root of what’s draining you with a little reflection and uproot it!

Now, let me share a little on this (I hope it’s helpful)…

First of all, you are probably relying on ‘your-own-strength’. You jump into the day (or your business) without making time to pray or meditate. It is really not by your strenght. Remember that it is God who gives you power to make wealth.

Also, you could be too busy being busy and enjoying the attention you are getting from appearing busy that you fail to realize that engaging in too many things at a time is sapping too much of your energy. You don’t have to do everything or go everywhere, rather, choose what’s important over what’s not. Set your priorities right. Be wise.


Identifying your problem and Knowing what to do about the problem is one thing. Taking steps to apply the solutions is another thing. Taking action to switch YOU back on, however, is the most important of all. Stay motivated!


Love, Ama.xx




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