Rise Up

Last night a great mind went to sleep
On well laid bed of hurt
Her hair soaking wet
In a pillow of tears
And tightly tucked under her blanket of distress

She didn’t pack no bags
She was quietly out of reach
She said if she stayed a little longer
She was gonna lose her speech

She’s exhausted by her misery
Betrayed by the ones she showed honesty
Knocked down by the ones she was loyal to
Stabbed in the back
He claimed he got her back – two timer, traitor
She has fallen right down

Called it fed up
Started to mess up
No need for back up
Cos she thinks she has seen it all – Girl you have not!
She thinks she’s lost it all – but she’s not!
She thinks there’s no hope at all – girl, you are wrong!

You are not the first to lose your profits in an earthquake
Dear, you can’t be the first to be sold with a kiss
You are not the first to have had dinner with the pigs
Sister, you won’t be the last to get back on your feet
Wake up from your sleep

Great mind, wake up from your sleep
The world needs you
Well, I need you and your little smiles too
Cos who would read/listen to this piece
If you choose to rest in peace
Who would be craving for food at two?
Who would be called a dork at school?
There’s no one in this place like you

Let the past swallow its mistakes
There is no shame
In this space, you’ve got you, yourself, you’ve got God
And with His big, big heart
He loves you. God loves you
Rise up!

 – AmA🌹

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12 thoughts on “Rise Up

  1. Awww my sweet girl…
    You are really making us proud…
    this piece actually I think is for me cos I nearly gave up last night….

    but am up now because God Loves Me….👍

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