You Too Can Be Romantic

Romans, Romens, Làngmàn, Qissatan hubb, Romantik, Novela, Fifehan, Romanticismo, Romanssi 😉 however you choose to call it – Romance – is the feeling of excitement or pleasure one has from a particular experience. Most people are excited about extravagant things in life and chase after them while a few others tend to observe and are […]

time clock


tick – tock tick – tock tick – tock  Time! Most of us mean to be better people With perfect plans laid simple Rise early, Pray daily, Be steady, Be churchy We’ll live holy but Any other time   Right now all we want to do is to have some fun Gamble, lie, live life […]

grateful pic

Be Grateful

It’s a beautiful time of the year And you’re out here living in fear Sitting sadly in your chair Thinking about all the bad things that happened to you since the year began Maybe you lost your job, a family, money or that special someone who left Maybe you made a terrible mistake It’s too […]


This is very important because I’m STILL WORKING on this site… So like young love, let’s suffer the ugliness together.let’s fall in love.lets grow together and maybe dream together😍 Keep coming back and I promise I won’t break your hearts🌹🌹 Amazing people don’t break hearts 😎duuh