Why have you hidden your light?

  A lover, Oliver, asked me, “What happened to you? Why have you hidden your light?”😐 This was after he had listened to the story of how bright I used to be, all round. You see, back then I was clever – I wanted to change the world. I wanted everybody’s needs to be met😇. […]

Rise Up

Last night a great mind went to sleep On well laid bed of hurt Her hair soaking wet In a pillow of tears And tightly tucked under her blanket of distress She didn’t pack no bags She was quietly out of reach She said if she stayed a little longer She was gonna lose her […]

You Too Can Be Romantic

Romans, Romens, Làngmàn, Qissatan hubb, Romantik, Novela, Fifehan, Romanticismo, Romanssi 😉 however you choose to call it – Romance – is the feeling of excitement or pleasure one has from a particular experience. Most people are excited about extravagant things in life and chase after them while a few others tend to observe and are […]

time clock


tick – tock tick – tock tick – tock  Time! Most of us mean to be better people With perfect plans laid simple Rise early, Pray daily, Be steady, Be churchy We’ll live holy but Any other time   Right now all we want to do is to have some fun Gamble, lie, live life […]