Never late to do Right


R.I.P brother; You’ll forever be in our hearts; God knows best; Your voice still resounds in my ears; R.I.P sister; We’ll always remember you ……blah blah blah

Some will cry, others will let everyone know they’d ever known them – they put up photos with them from years back on their various social media pages, some also give off huge sums of money for the funeral ceremony. Beats me!😧 Is this the right time to show how much you love a brother? When he’s dead, gone forever?

A month ago, he had no job. She lost her money to fraudsters. He had nobody to talk to, no source of encouragement. She was greatly burdened. He managed to find you and asked for your help but you were too tight. You said you’d see her over the weekend. He waited and waited. A shoulder to cry on was all she wanted.

Yesterday she was admitted to hospital. The entire trauma made him sick. She wished you were by her side to hold her hand and keep her strong. Say a little prayer maybe sing a song. Yesterday he lay on the bed almost lifeless. “I’ll be there soon”, that’s what you said, and left her in distress. She only needed a friend! But you were never available.

Today, he is deceased. You’re sad because she is dead. Today you are here – at his burial. You’re crying because you’ve lost your friend. Today, you’re reminiscing all the times she supported you. You wish you could make it up to him – but how? By shedding tears or contributing towards the funeral ceremony? Bros, please spare us those tears and keep your money!
How about when she was alive? That dough could’ve saved his life!

Don’t tell us about the good old days. Tell us about just yesterday, when he was sick; tell us about today while she is incapacitated. When he was down and hopeless, did you bother to show him your Jesus? Where were you? You said a long time ago that you’ll always be there for her. You promised you had her back no matter what. That was when all was well, innit?

Our words are never enough to prove our love for people.💘Let’s care for one another while we are alive, while we have the people God has given us. That’s one way to show our love for God. Let the world you live in see the heaven you claim is in your heart.

It is never too late to do right!!👍

~ Ama🌹🌹

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11 thoughts on “Never late to do Right

  1. A powerful piece. And a timely reminder of something most of us are guilty of. We have no time to give to others in need. And then we cry at their funerals. Thank you for sharing.

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