My Father’s Pain

We never see it coming

And we don’t even know it’s there

We really don’t care

Only because it’s not our problem yet

Until it affects someone we love best

The brain cells suddenly die

There is no clear speech

One side of the body can be paralyzed

Older men are often victims

To the deadly STROKE

No one would ever dream to live with it

Some people don’t even want to hear about it

But we never know where it will strike

Neither can we tell who it will grab

I saw my father suffering

The times I’d say “I love you”

He wouldn’t get a thing

And when I saw he couldn’t handle the pain

I would break down in tears

Most people wouldn’t mind

Only because it’s not their problem yet

But in my father’s eyes I saw

Pain, only more than I could hold


9 thoughts on “My Father’s Pain

      1. Bless you dear. Gird up your loins, let the watchword be forward and that’s exactly what you are doing. Love you loads.

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