Just a Simple Question – part 2

So much like? Really?
How about what you feel for your wife? And mum, what she has for me? Jeffrey said he could die for his mum. What has kept grandma and grandpa together for 41 years? I mean what do you call what I feel for my son? How about pastor and the congregation he prays for and blesses; and … all – just so much like? 😒
“My daughter, let me tell you something”, he continued, “if we have to think about it before we consider dying for a brother; If our minds can’t settle with the thought of giving out something as important as our lives to save a stranger; My dear we are not truly living the glory in the manger.”

Mmm… Uncle Yele, I’m sorry but you just succeeded in confusing me!😧😧
Love, like, sacrifice, die.
These words kept ringing in my head for hours, turned days, turned weeks, turned months turn years.
Love, like, sacrifice, die.

Then I got it! I got the whole point. Because if God gave (sacrificed) His precious son for the people He said He loved, and didn’t call this sacrifice anything extravagant but LOVE, then love is all about GIVING.😱
Someone said, “You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving”. (and I totally agree with Someone)

So, now here is the simple question …. Do you have love?💙
Can you; is your heart strong enough to? Can you share your lunch with your hungry neighbour? Can you look into the eyes of the one who hurt you and say the words, “I forGIVE you”? Can you keep up? Can you bear the pain of being heartbroken over and over again by the same person till they love you back?
Can you? Is your heart strong enough to? Can you defend the poor, clothe the naked, feed the hungry and shelter the homeless? Do you have compassion for humanity? Can you spend time to pray for just anybody?

You have no love if it’s only about you each day!
**”Peter, do you love me?” “Yes my Lord, I do to the third”. “How many sheep have you fed?”** 😕
“Ama, do you love your brother?” “Yes, uncle, I totally love him.” “Good. When was the last time you prayed for him?” “Urrrmmm…. Oh this morning😉”


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