Just a simple question

My uncle once asked me a simple question

He said, “Maame, do you have love?”

I was a bit surprised at his question. I wondered, ‘what was this man’s intention?’  

Then I answered, “of course I do have love.”

“Good. Now, my next question. How do you know and what exactly do you call love?”

I smiled and responded boldly, “God is my definition of love. Since I’m born again and He lives inside of me, then I do have love”.

My uncle laughed.

“Very good,” he said, “very good”.

“Last question: Can you die for your brother?”

I was silent, and then I was 😐scared (well, just a little).

Maybe I was confused but I knew I could do anything for my brother, I knew I could risk my life for him, I knew I loved my brother so much but this simple question – got me thinking deep, I sunk down in my seat, because my heart had just skipped one beat.

So before you start judging me, you should know that my answer was going to be a YES. I only needed a little time to breathe,😒 you see.

But I promise it was going to be a definite YES, if my uncle hadn’t interrupted my speech by getting up on his feet.

He looked straight into my eyes and said, “There is no such thing as love in this earth”.

Huuuuh??!!😧pardon me sir

“Let me tell you something my dear, the love you think you have, the love we all think we have, we are nowhere near. What we truly have, I call it like.”

It looks like love, sounds and sometimes feels like love but all we have is just so much like.

So much like? Really?

To be continued……..😊



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