He Could be Anybody

Hello Amazing people!๐Ÿ˜Š

This is just to let you know (and remind those who have forgotten) that Someone, ย Somewhere is praying for whatever it is that you are taking for granted. Especially that monstrous, annoying, good-for-nothing, egocentric, shameful, unappreciative, retired, sickly, aged father of yours!



He could be anybody
The mad man in the middle of the road
That homeless guy always begging for alms
The man with the drug problem
A criminal; somebody just as bad

It’s terrible I know nothing about him
No one wants to tell me
Black or white, what he does
Is he alive, maybe in prison?
Or is he even dead

I just canโ€™t think of anything good
Cos she will never talk about him
Mum will only get furious
I guess some questions better be unanswered

Iโ€™d cherish him if I were you
Whether good or bad
You just canโ€™t change him for another
Whoever he is, it donโ€™t matter
Be grateful youโ€™ve seen his face

His last name thatโ€™s all I know
Of course thatโ€™s my name too
I donโ€™t know who he is
Pity, I do not know who my dad is -_-




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