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Be Grateful

It’s a beautiful time of the year

And you’re out here living in fear

Sitting sadly in your chair

Thinking about all the bad things that happened to you since the year began

Maybe you lost your job, a family, money or that special someone who left

Maybe you made a terrible mistake

It’s too much pain to bear

You wish you could end it all

But, don’t!  That’s the devil!


Look back again

Remember all the good times you’ve had

Remember the sunshine in the rain

Others died but you remained

Remember you saw no pain

Are you still wondering what to do?

My dear, be thankful!


Be grateful for that wife who nags about everything

She makes life at home very impossible for you

And that husband who doesn’t care about

Whether you are sad or you die

Because even though it’s a lot to put up with

At least you’re married

Whiles that woman, she’s fifty and still hoping to meet her prince charming, who will save her from being lonely


Be grateful for the opportunity to be educated

Rather than sulk over some tests you trailed

Because you tried your best

But it only got worse

So you should just rest

It can’t be your fault that you didn’t pass

Mathematics is not your native language!

So be thankful for the first class, the second class, the third class or the pass class, which is no class

Because that guy, he’s your age and is yet to know what school feels like


Be grateful for that son you’re privileged to call your own

Because even though he’s stubborn

Argues about everything he’s told to do

You get to be called mummy or daddy

He may not be smart or anything you wished for

But consider him a blessing

Because the woman next door is called barren

And somewhere up a mountain

A couple is praying desperately for what you have

So they can scream and chase after him all the time


For that voice you have

Eyes that see

Ears that hear

The building you live in

The many clothes to choose from

Hands that work

Keep counting ….

Because I know how it feels like to have hands that can’t be used to scratch, brush, patch or crush

Be grateful for legs to wear boots instead of heels

Heels instead of flats

Flats instead of sandals

Sandals instead of slippers

And slippers instead of chalewotes

Because in the end, you’re no better than that little lady who is calling a pair of worn out chalewotes her Christmas shoes


Be grateful for the one square meal of bread and cold water or gari and sugar

The water is even cold

And the gari is not alone

Be happy!

Because your brothers somewhere far away don’t have a choice than to fast without prayers for days unending

And oh that gari you’re not appreciating was used for someone’s birthday cake


If you’re waiting to eat jollof or buy a new car before you give thanks to God, you are simply daft

After all there’s no problem we are going through that the world has never seen

Choose to view at the bright side of life – It’s nicer🌹


Grab that attitude of gratitude!


It’s not difficult. Let me show you…

Open your mouth and say “thank You Jesus” – there you go! 🙂 😍😊




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