Everybody’s in a hurry these days. No one wants to be friends anymore – they just want to be lovers, have sex and maybe make babies in the end.


Boy loved girl … Or so he thought…
She saw promise in him. She trusted him and allowed him to get so close to her.
He was a church guy too. Built up the faith together, grew in the spirit together, took a few lessons together but there was more to it than she knew and she was about to find out. Her conscience was clear, she only intended it to be a friendship but he wanted more, more than she could give him.
He bought her gifts with hopes of winning her heart eventually but she made it clear that wasn’t what she was after. Little did she know he was far from the angel he portrayed himself to be. A cupboard full of skeletons of arrogance, jealousy, pride, subtility, and she didn’t even know where he lived or who his friends were.
She turned down several inappropriate advancements from him. Girl had a heart of gold, she had values she couldn’t compromise and that got boy frustrated; showing his true colors.

One day boy saw girl hugging another guy. Boy gets angry and cuts girl off. “Why should we be friends at all if I cant have you all to myself?” He thought she was seeing someone because she was secretive but girl was terminally ill and didn’t have much time to live. She didn’t know how to tell boy.
Girl couldn’t reach boy now. No mutual friends and no means of communication because boy made it that way out of frustration. Girl was running out of time. Still no word from boy and no means of reaching him. Hours slowly turned to days, days to weeks and still no contact made. Girl dies and boy finds out.
For the first time in his life, boy takes time to reflect on his words, actions, attitude towards people. He realized he had pushed a lot of good people away. How lonely he was now… He was broken but everyone was afraid to help him. Only girl had tried but she was there no more.😢

Indeed, you never know the worth of what you have until you lose it.


**I still believe there are angels amongst us, sent down to us from somewhere up above, they come to us in our darkest hour to guide us with the light of love – real love.**

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