Don’t Give Up Just Yet


I have been a Christian for quite some time. I have been to many church programs, led the choir, cleaned the pews, I also read the bible once in a while. But I have a problem – a big one.

I have been struggling with bad habits; I’ve tried to stop smoking, fornicating, drinking(can’t mention them all). I have made some bad decisions, my web of lies have entangled me in a web of lies. I’ve got thoughts running through my head, many memories, horrible memories; I’ve been washed up in guilt- feels like my life is going down the hill.😪

I’ve been disappointed too many times by failures and relationships, seems like everything keeps going wrong with me- I simply can’t do anything right. Not that I haven’t tried. I have.

They say God is bigger than my troubles, that His mercy is as high as the heavens. But my problem is entirely my fault. I can understand how God will bless me when I do right but I’ve done everything wrong too many times – I doubt He will hear me this time. I have to pay the price for my wrongs!

I know Jesus already paid the price though but I am the one who walked away from His side. I don’t deserve God’s help. I brought all this mess upon myself.

Then Mercy says not to worry about where I have been, and that sounds too good to be Real.

Well, since my friends still haven’t given me the peace of mind and freedom I’m still searching for, I think I would talk to God tonight. (You should too)

I ain’t giving up just yet!😊



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Bless y’all!xx

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