SWITCHED OFF?? Have you ever faced days when you just don’t feel motivated to do anything at home at school especially at work – days when you are totally ‘switched off’? There are times when you struggle to do the things you used to do with ease, times when procrastination gets the best of you, […]

Don’t Give Up Just Yet

DON’T GIVE UP JUST YET I have been a Christian for quite some time. I have been to many church programs, led the choir, cleaned the pews, I also read the bible once in a while. But I have a problem – a big one. I have been struggling with bad habits; I’ve tried to stop […]


Why have you hidden your light?

  A lover, Oliver, asked me, “What happened to you? Why have you hidden your light?”😐 This was after he had listened to the story of how bright I used to be, all round. You see, back then I was clever – I wanted to change the world. I wanted everybody’s needs to be met😇. […]

Rise Up

Last night a great mind went to sleep On well laid bed of hurt Her hair soaking wet In a pillow of tears And tightly tucked under her blanket of distress She didn’t pack no bags She was quietly out of reach She said if she stayed a little longer She was gonna lose her […]